Five-Star sleep experience with a three star price tag!

Five-star sleep experience with a three star price tag

At the The Hotel Buying Office we enable all  hotels to cost effectively offer  premium sleep “experiences” for guests. The relationship between a good night sleep and customer loyalty has been proven in a number of hotel-commissioned sleep studies.

Simply put, customers reward better-bedded hotels with their business and it’s easy to see why. The right linen can mean the difference between a luxury and restful night or an uncomfortable night's sleep. 

Research by the major five star chains has shown guests are willing to pay more for a room with a better bed and better linen.  Customers essentially perceive the overall quality of the room to be higher with a more luxurious bed.

It was these findings that kicked off the so-called “bed wars” in the mid-2000s, when the top brand hotels battled for guests by offering more and more luxurious beds and linen.   We know our linen will certainly tick all the boxes for the guests, houskeeping, finance and management departments.