Houskeeping Tips

PILLOW TALK... Don't fear the fray


Do those pesky frayed edges on linen cause you to frown? Well don’t fear because help is here. 

Here’s a hint from housekeeping experts at linen inspection time…pillowcases, sheets and bedroom linens should be replaced when the fabric gets thin, or develops pills (balls or bobbles on the fabric), or the edges of the bed linens look shabby or frayed. 

Experts also tell us that luxury bedding and fine linens will last longer than lower quality sheets and pillow cases. This is because fibres in higher thread count linens are more tightly woven and less likely to break. 

Does your linen have a good long life cycle, of at least 180 washes or are you replacing it regularly?   Linen that may cost a little extra when purchasing may have a much longer life cycle.    

Let us help you simplify your hotel purchasing.

PILLOW TALK - Pillow Replacement

Last week we featured housekeeping tips on how to keep your linens fresh, especially those pesky fraying edges on pillow cases and linens. 

But what about the actual pillow inside? How do you know when it’s time for ‘out with the old and in with the new’?

Experts also tell us that no matter how diligent you are about cleaning your pillows, you will need to replace them at some stage, to keep them fresh for your guests.

 Well here’s a trade secret for you…if you fold the pillow in half, and it doesn’t spring back into shape, plan to make that new order asap.

Our luxury pillow collections feature the finest in micro fibre, which will have your guests thinking they are sleeping on feathers,  and goose feather and down.  

Or we have the finest in feathers and down.  

Whichever way, your guests will be delighted with the comfort of luxurious pillows.  



PILLOW TALK... Get more mileage out of mattresses

Here’s a hint from housekeeping experts ready for the holiday season… 

Using mattress protectors not only keeps mattresses clean, but can also extend the life of the mattress.  There are many options that will protect your mattress from liquids and stains, dust mites and other allergens without changing the comfort and feel of your bed. 

Premium quality quilts in microfibre or feather and down are essential to give your guests a truly memorable sleep experience.  


HOUSEKEEPING SECRETS.... timing and towels


As professional housekeepers know well - working smarter can save you some of that hard work. 

Sometimes giving those bathrooms a dream clean involves a close up - up close and personal with the dirt.  

The key is to let your cleaning products do the work for you. Spray the shower walls and the toilet and leave them to do their job for several minutes. Use that time to clean the mirrors, windows, medicine cabinet, and whatever else is in the room. Then go back and wash off the surfaces, thus using less elbow grease.

Hotel experts also recommend the good old fashioned use of a toothbrush once in a while. There’s nothing like a few small brushes to get into those tiny cracks in the bathroom. The bottom screws of a toilet are the hardest parts to get without this little helper.

Speaking of winning small battles, when faced with all those face and hand towels lying around on the floor, use it as a reminder to have a ‘towel check’ day to see if any replacements are required.

HOUSEKEEPING SECRETS... Facing the cold hard facts

If you're a person who says yes most of the time, you'll find yourself in the hotel business and the restaurant business. Francis Ford Coppola. 

Having one of those days where it’s about the small stuff? Several guests ringing to reception to request handfuls of hand towels? Well it’s all in day’s work for hoteliers. 

So don't fret if your small towel supplies are dwindling, in fact why not schedule a ‘small towel check’ day to ensure quality and quantity of these little guys with your housekeeping team?

Hotel grade towels might be light and fluffy but this is serious business.

Guests are often heard to say that one of the best parts of their hotel stay are the plush array of luxury towels.

So why are hotel towels so much more absorbent that commercially available towels? Well those in the know will tell us that it’s something to do with how towels are washed in hot water with commercial detergent and no fabric softener, which somehow renders the cotton more absorbent.  

Luxury bath towels are worth a look for their fluffiness and affordability – with replacement far less often.  So if those towels have seen better days it might be timely to take a look at bath, face and hand towels and bath mats.   



HOUSEKEEPING TIPS... Saving the best till last

Saving the best till last


When it comes to hotel luxury, you can’t beat those relaxing soft bath robes. The bath robe is one of the key benchmarks for a quality hotel. And you want your guests to revel in their little oasis of luxury.

Robes are the perfect before-breakfast and nighttime attire to keep your guests warm and comfortable while they sip coffee over their morning newspaper on the balance or lounge beside a fire before turning down the sheets.  

Your guests will feel like royalty in a luxury bath robe. 

Remember to include a ‘bath robe check’ in your housekeeping schedule to ensure your guests are getting the best in bathrobes

HOUSEKEEPING TIPS... Mopping and Mats

Maintaining a high level of luxury and service is a mainstay of all good hotels.

And this means not overlooking the finer details, especially when it comes to the all important bathroom care. Whether bathroom cleaning is the best or worst part of your housekeeping routine, there’s always room for improvement.  

Our experts tell us that you should always sweep before you mop. You do not want wet hair on your floor- it can be difficult to remove. When it's time to mop, start from the far corner of the bathroom and make your way to the door.

Not only do your guests appreciate luxurious clean towels after taking a shower or bath but it’s the little touches of luxury such as stepping onto a fluffy soft bathmat.

Do your bathmat supplies need replenishing?   Quality bathmats and non-slip bath rugs are a dream for the guests.  


HOUSKEEPING TIPS... Getting the best out of the valance

This extremely important yet seemingly basic hotel bed furnishing product can cause so much grief to so many and quickly bring down the overall presentation of a hotel room.

Experts inform us that this can be caused by wrong fabric choice and incorrect manufacturing styles.

An ill fitting and unsightly hotel bed valance can end up looking shabby or it can be caught in bed castors and create more chaos.

The bed valance can cause grief to housekeepers and hotel management and disappointment to the paying guest.

The best valance discreetly covers the bed castors while remaining mobile, looking stylish and best of all, can be removed for laundering.

If those valances are causing you grief, it may be time to replace them.    

HOUSEKEEPING TIPS... Between The Sheets

One of the finest pleasures of staying in a luxury hotel is sleeping in the crisp cool white sheets.

High quality linen is specially created for luxurious 5 star hotels around the globe, allowing your guests to enjoy an indulgent and luxurious night’s sleep. 

Making a bed that's larger than a twin can be time-consuming. No matter which corner you start with, you almost always realise you put the long end of a fitted sheet on the short end of the mattress.  

A handy hint to keep in mind is that the tags go on the bottom. For queen sheets, the tags are on the right and with king sheets the tags are on the left. Expert bed makers also suggest marking the inside seams with a fabric marker to denote right or left corners. 

So make sure your hotel guests always receive the best that high quality linen can offer.


HOUSEKEEPING TIPS... Let there be light!


From sun up to sun down, it’s the curtains that get the run around. 

As expert hoteliers, you will know when your guests are in dire need of a darkened room - napping children, shift workers, exhausted long haul travellers. Your guests will be forever grateful for a chance to shut out the world to slumber for a while.

Heres a hint from housekeeping experts when you enter each hotel room on your cleaning rounds…

Use natural light wherever and whenever possible when cleaning a room. It provides better ventilation when you're working with chemicals and lets you see more details as you clean. Plus it's good for the environment. So throw open those curtains, give them a quick shake down as you start your rounds.

 And if those curtains appear worse for wear, it may be time to take a look at a new set!

Blackout curtains also are energy saving (keeping heat from escaping in the winter and the hot sun from heating up the room in the summer) and help block or muffle outdoor noise. 

It might be time to take an inventory on the humble blind to ensure your guests have quality curtains which are both easy on the eye and helps with the ‘shut eye’.