PILLOW TALK... Don't fear the fray


Do those pesky frayed edges on linen cause you to frown? Well don’t fear because help is here. 

Here’s a hint from housekeeping experts at linen inspection time…pillowcases, sheets and bedroom linens should be replaced when the fabric gets thin, or develops pills (balls or bobbles on the fabric), or the edges of the bed linens look shabby or frayed. 

Experts also tell us that luxury bedding and fine linens will last longer than lower quality sheets and pillow cases. This is because fibres in higher thread count linens are more tightly woven and less likely to break. 

Does your linen have a good long life cycle, of at least 180 washes or are you replacing it regularly?   Linen that may cost a little extra when purchasing may have a much longer life cycle.    

Let us help you simplify your hotel purchasing.