Sourcing manufacturing & delivery world-wide to group chain branded boutique & lifestyle hotels

Why choose

The Hotel Buying Office

We know the right manufacturers and suppliers.

Providing successful, cost effective sourcing and supply. 

Refurbishment.  Design & Re-Design.

Eco & Sustainable products where possible.

We have strong supplier relationships. Maximisation of innovation from suppliers. Future proofing solutions

We know and work with some of the biggest names in the hotel supply industry;

Boutique manufacturers - for special, bespoke items; new trends & products; Sustainable manufacturers; Follow trends with longevity.

Outsourced procurement with THBO lowers costs; increase quality; reduces administration; conserves human and financial resources.

We look for the sustainable options and trends with longevity.


Our suppliers and manufacturers are working with or towards sustainability in their products and manufacturing.

We actively seek sustainable manufacturers and suppliers.

Our business model from point of manufacture to delivery to the hotel works towards further reducing the carbon footprint.

Provide quality items with longevity, thus reducing the need for replacement so often, saving money and further introducing sustainability to your hotel.

Furniture manufacturers THBO work with supply sustainable woods, where possible.

The process start - finish

Our process makes your process manageable:

  • Costing to budgets;

  • Sourcing to requirements & design;

  • Mock up rooms;

  • Sign off.

Our project management then undertakes manufacturing, shipping, delivery and installation where required 

Customised and made to order, you don’t have to have the same as everyone else - with items made to order and direct from manufacturer…

Delivered directly to Hotel installed where required.

Ultimately, providing the best possible prices for quality items.