Pod Hotels, or Capsule Hotels as also known, are climbing in popularity around the globe. 

From a traveller point of view - cost effective, comfortable,  a great way to travel. A place to meet or take time on your own. Backpackers - the new 'flashpackers' to business travellers are enjoying the comforts of the new capsule / pod hotels springing up around the globe.  

From a hotel point of view - high revPar / GOP, is why hotels are putting in pod dormitories / rooms as stand alone pod hotels or as a part of an existing  hotel.  

From a hotel perspective, there is more to a pod than just 'a pod'.  

We have pods covered;   we know the standards, what works and what doesn't work. 

We can work with you to design your Pod Hotel,  project manage (may be location dependant), or simply work with you in the purchasing of your pods. 

The Hotel Buying Office has two pods - for different price points and comfort levels - both meeting the standards.  

Contact us for a confidential discussion.