Pod Hotels are climbing in popularity around the globe. 

  • High revPar / GOP
  • as stand alone pod hotels or
  • as a part of an existing  hotel   
  • we know the standards
  • we know what works and
  • we know what doesn't work

The Hotel Buying Office 

  • works with you in designing your Pod'Otel or Tainer'Otel in
    • Recreation areas
    • Reception areas
    • Kitchens
    • Laundrys
    • Communal bathrooms for pod  hotels
    • Self Contained Bathrooms - for Tainer'Otels
  • project manage
  • or simply help with the purchasing of your pods. 

Pod'Otel by The Hotel Buying Office has two sleeping capsule/ pod models.   Different price points and comfort levels - both meeting the standards.  

Tainer'Otel by The Hotel Buying Office - conversion of 20 and 40 foot containers into 'pods'.  Different layouts and interiors - working with price points and comfort levels - meeting the standards.  

'FLASHPACKERS' - the new backpacker

  • Cost effective
  • Comfortable 
  • A great way to travel
  • A place to meet or take time on your own 

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