Fining a more cost effective way

Just like hotels of varying standards, there are also many different supplies and qualities of bed and bath linens, hotel furniture, soft furnishings, amenities, accessories and more.    

We work with a number of manufacturers and appropriately match the right manufacturer for your hotel's requirements.  

The manufacturers we work with provide quality products with longevity,  allowing you to spend your budget in other areas.   

Ask The Hotel Buying Office for a quote. 

bed linen

5 Star Hotel Every Day quality

Premium  hotels use around the globe usually get approximately 8 - 12 months out of this every day bed linen - taking into consideration their occupancy, commercial laundering and water quality.    

5 Star Hotel every day quality may be  slightly higher in price than items currently being replaced every month or quarter,  however the life cycle may be 50% or more. 

Minimum order quantities may be required, however you may be surprised at how low the minimum order quantity may be for made  to order, to your hotel's specifications. 

like Italian Quality - without the Italian made price tag. 

Quality, long wearing hotel bed linen.  It is not uncommon for clients in busy hotels to say they are still using this hotel bed linen 2 years later.  The cost of the linen averages may be slightly more than an everyday line, however in the long run, you will save your budget.  

OR PREFER Made in Italy...

We have clients who want the true Italian made experience.  Very fine quality bed, bath linens and table linens.   


 Contact The Hotel Buying Office to work with you in determining your  requirements and request a quote.