We are an experienced group of  buyers in Australia and New Zealand.

With in-house interior design & QC

We simply become an extension of your buying or procurement office

Cost effectively working with your hotel refits, refurbishments  and upgrades. 

  • Offering project and/or item based sourcing worldwide 
  • We know hotel brand standards. 
  • Manufactured in the most appropriate country for your requirements,
  • Working with your lead times
  • Cost effective
  • Design - make your mark
  • Fabrics and materials to  your standards and style
  • QC checked shipments  

Shipped around the world to your hotel with our very trusted leading international freight forwarders and agents. 

No matter where you are, your goods can be sourced and/or manufactured and delivered on time.   

That is why we are used by leading boutique and international hotel chains. 

 Contact us HERE to discuss what we can do for your hotel.